Menor De Edad (2013) - Meg Imperial


Genre: Drama, Sexy
Director: Joel Lamangan
Main Cast: Ara Mina, Chynna Ortaleza, Jaycee Parker, Meg Imperial, Wendell Ramos
Supporting Cast: Almira Muhlach, Anna Luna, Arvic Rivero, Jef Gaitan, Jim Pebangco, Miko Aytona, Pio Valbuena

Synopsis: A young girl struggling with various problems turns to her professor for advice and comfort. The two form a bond that turns sour, and their lives are brought to an untenable pitch when she accuses him of rape.

Menor de Edad tries to explore some uneasy truths about our society, crafting a story around a young girl thrust into an inherently exploitative world, and a news media hungry to use her to their own ends. It’s all theoretically fascinating stuff, but it doesn’t quite turn out that way. Even though director Joel Lamangan tries harder to craft something interesting, the movie still turns out messy and confused. It quickly abandons the reality of the situation to play in more melodramatic fields, pushing the characters to do things that just don’t make any sense.

Even though it is technically a smaller movie, Menor de Edad suffers from excess. It is all too much: too much drama, too many subplots, and too many odd stylistic choices. The result is headache-inducing, the movie so loud and unfocused that it draws out a physical reaction. There’s merit in the issues the movie is trying to explore, but they are handled with all the grace of a sledgehammer. It is heartening, however, to see Lamangan trying to spread his wings a bit. But right now, it’s all just empty technique. Meanwhile, the emotions ring false.